Brocard Triangles


Given triangle DeltaA_1A_2A_3, let the point of intersection of A_2Omega and A_3Omega^' be B_1, where Omega and Omega^' are the Brocard points, and similarly define B_2 and B_3. Then DeltaB_1B_2B_3 is called the first Brocard triangle, and is inversely similar to DeltaA_1A_2A_3 (Honsberger 1995, p. 112). It is inscribed in the Brocard circle.


Let c_1, c_2, and c_3 be the circles through the vertices A_2 and A_3, A_1 and A_3, and A_1 and A_2, respectively, which intersect in the first Brocard point Omega. Similarly, define c_1^', c_2^', and c_3^' with respect to the second Brocard point Omega^'. Let the two circles c_1 and c_1^' tangent at A_1 to A_1A_2 and A_1A_3, and passing respectively through A_3 and A_2, meet again at C_1, and similarly for C_2 and C_3. Then the triangle DeltaC_1C_2C_3 is called the second Brocard triangle.


The first and second Brocard triangles are in perspective with perspector at the triangle centroid G of DeltaA_1A_2A_3.

Gibert defines the third Brocard triangle as the isogonal conjugate of the first Brocard triangle.

Gibert also defines the fourth Brocard triangle, more commonly known as the D-triangle, as the isogonal conjugate of the second Brocard triangle.

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Brocard Triangles

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