Brocard Circle


The Brocard circle, also known as the seven-point circle, is the circle having the line segment connecting the circumcenter O and symmedian point K of a triangle DeltaABC as its diameter (known as the Brocard diameter). This circle also passes through the first and second Brocard points Omega and Omega^', respectively. It also passes through Kimberling centers X_i for i=3, 6, 1083, and 1316.

It has circle function


corresponding to the triangle centroid G and giving trilinear equation


(Carr 1970; Kimberling 1998, p. 233).

The Brocard points Omega and Omega^' are symmetrical about the line <->; KO, which is called the Brocard line. The line segment KO^_ is called the Brocard diameter, which has length twice the Brocard circle radius R_B, where


with R the circumradius and omega the Brocard angle of the reference triangle.

The center of the Brocard circle is the Brocard midpoint X_(182).

The distance between either of the Brocard points and the symmedian point is


The Brocard circle and first Lemoine circle are concentric.

It is orthogonal to the Parry circle.

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Brocard Circle

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