Nine-Point Center

The nine-point center N (sometimes instead denoted F) is the center of the nine-point circle. It has equivalent triangle center functions


and is the midpoint of the line between the circumcenter O and orthocenter H. The nine-point center is Kimberling center X_5.

It satisfies


where R is the circumradius of the reference triangle and O is the circumcenter.

Distances to some other named triangle centers include


where F is the Feuerbach point, G is the triangle centroid, H is the orthocenter, I is the incenter, L is the de Longchamps point, O is the circumcenter, Sp is the Spieker center, and Delta is the triangle area.

The nine-point center N, vecten point X_(485), and inner vecten point X_(486) are collinear (J. Montes Valderrama, pers. comm., R. Barroso Campos, Apr. 20, 2004).

The nine-point center lies on the Lester circle and is the center of the nine-point circle and Steiner circle. It lies on the Euler line.

The following table summarizes the nine-point centers for named triangles that are Kimberling centers.

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Nine-Point Center

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