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In graph theory, a cycle graph C_n, sometimes simply known as an n-cycle (Pemmaraju and Skiena 2003, p. 248), is a graph on n nodes containing a single cycle through all nodes. A different sort of cycle graph, here termed a group cycle graph, is a graph which shows cycles of a group as well as the connectivity between the group cycles.

Cycle graphs can be generated in the Wolfram Language using CycleGraph[n]. Precomputed properties are available using GraphData[{"Cycle", n}]. A graph may be tested to see if it is a cycle graph using PathGraphQ[g] && Not[AcyclicGraphQ[g]], where the second check is needed since the Wolfram Language believes cycle graphs are also path graphs (a convention which seems nonstandard at best).

Special cases include C_3 (the triangle graph), C_4 (the square graph, also isomorphic to the grid graph G_(2,2)), C_6 (isomorphic to the bipartite Kneser graph H(3,1)), and C_8 (isomorphic to the 2-Hadamard graph). The 2n-cycle graph is isomorphic to the Haar graph H(2^(n-1)+1) as well as to the Knödel graph W_(2,2n).

Cycle graphs (as well as disjoint unions of cycle graphs) are two-regular. Cycle graphs are also uniquely Hamiltonian.

The chromatic number of C_n is given by

 chi(C_n)={3   for n odd; 2   for n even.

The chromatic polynomial, independence polynomial, matching polynomial, and reliability polynomial are


where T_n(x) is a Chebyshev polynomial of the first kind. These correspond to recurrence equations


The line graph of a cycle graph C_n is isomorphic to C_n itself.

The bipartite double graph of C_n is C_(2n) for n odd, and 2C_n for n even.

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Cycle Graph

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