Knödel Graph

The Knödel graph W_(Delta,n) is a regular bipartite graph of vertex degree Delta on n nodes for even n>=2 and 1<=Delta<=|_log_2n_| with edges defined as follows. Label the vertices (i,j) with i=1,2 and 0<=j<=n/2-1. Then there is an edge between (1,j) and (2,k) for every k=j+2^p-1 (mod n/2) where p=0, ..., Delta-1 (Fertin and Raspaud 2004, Clancy et al. 2019).

This class of graphs was introduced by Knödel (1975) in constructing a time-optimal algorithm for gossiping among n vertices with even n, but were only formally defined by Fraigniaud and Peters (2001) (Fertin and Raspaud 2004).

Knödel graphs are Cayley and vertex-transitive graphs (Fertin and Raspaud 2004). They are also Haar graphs.

Special cases are summarized in the following table.

The edge connectivity of W_(Delta,n) is given by


and the vertex connectivity satisfies


(Fertin and Raspaud 2004).

Zheng et al. (2008) showed that the graph crossing numbers of the cubic Knödel graph W_(3,n) is given by

cr(W_(3,n))=|_n/6_|+(n (mod 6))/2

for even n>=12 (Clancy et al. 2019).

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