Bipartite Kneser Graph

Given two positive integers n and k, the bipartite Kneser graph H(n,k) is the graph whose two bipartite sets of vertices represent the k-subsets and (n-k)-subsets of {1,...,n} and where two vertices are connected if and only if they are in different sets and one is a subset of the other. H(n,k) therefore has 2(n; k) vertices and is regular of degree (n-k; k).

By definition, H(n,k) is isomorphic to H(n,n-k).

H(n,k) is the bipartite double graph of the Kneser graph K(n,k).

H(n,k) is connected for n>2k. Simpson (1991) showed that the bipartite Kneser graphs are symmetric. Shields and Savage showed that H(k,n) is Hamiltonian for n<=27.

H(n,1) is isomorphic to the n-crown graph, H(2k,k) is isomorphic to the order (2k; k)-ladder rung graph, and H(2k-1,k-1) is isomorphic to the bipartite double graph of the odd graph O(k). Graphs of the latter class are distance-transitive, and therefore also distance-regular (Brouwer et al. 1989, p. 222).

Special cases are summarized in the following table.

It has long been conjectured that H(n,k) is Hamiltonian for n>2k, and this was verified by Shields and Savage for n<=27.

The (n,k)-bipartite Kneser graph is implemented in the Wolfram Language as GraphData[{"BipartiteKneser", {n, k}}].

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Bipartite Kneser Graph

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