Quartic Surface

An algebraic surface of surface order 4. Unlike cubic surfaces, quartic surfaces have not been fully classified.

Examples of quartic surfaces include the apple surface, Bohemian dome, Cassini surface, Cayley cubic Hessian, crossed trough, cushion surface, double sphere, eight surface, elliptic torus, Goursat's surface, lemon surface, Menn's surface, miter surface, Nordstrand's weird surface, Peano surface, piriform surface, quartoid, Roman surface, Steiner surface types 2 and 4, tanglecube, tooth surface, and torus.

See also

Bohemian Dome, Burkhardt Quartic, Cassini Surface, Cushion Surface, Cyclide, Desmic Surface, Fresnel's Elasticity Surface, Goursat's Surface, Klein quartic surface, Kummer Surface, Miter Surface, Piriform Surface, Roman Surface, Symmetroid, Tetrahedroid, Tooth Surface

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Quartic Surface

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