Lucas Cubic


The Lucas cubic is a pivotal isotomic cubic having pivot point at Kimberling center X_(69), the isogonal conjugate of the orthocenter, i.e., the locus of points P such that the Cevian triangle of P is the pedal triangle of some point Q.

The equation in trilinear coordinates is


Not only is the Lucas cubic invariant under isotomic conjugate, but also under cyclocevian conjugation.

When P runs through the Lucas cubic, Q runs through the Darboux cubic.

The Lucas cubic passes through Kimberling centers X_i for i=2 (triangle centroid G), 4 (orthocenter H), 7 (Gergonne point Ge), 8 (Nagel point Na), 20 (de Longchamps point L), 69 (symmedian point of the anticomplementary triangle), 189, 253, 329, 1032, and 1034.

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Darboux Cubic, Pivotal Isogonal Cubic, Triangle Cubic

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Lucas Cubic

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