Nagel Point


Let T_1 be the point at which the J_1-excircle meets the side A_2A_3 of a triangle DeltaA_1A_2A_3, and define T_2 and T_3 similarly. Then the lines A_1T_1, A_2T_2, and A_3T_3 concur in the Nagel point Na (sometimes denoted M). The Nagel point has triangle center function


and is Kimberling center X_8.

The triangle DeltaT_1T_2T_3 is called the extouch triangle, and its is therefore the Cevian triangle with respect to the Nagel point.

The points T_1, T_2, and T_3 can also be constructed as the points which bisect the perimeter of DeltaA_1A_2A_3 starting at A_1, A_2, and A_3. For this reason, the Nagel point is sometimes known as the bisected perimeter point (Bennett et al. 1988, Chen et al. 1992, Kimberling 1994), although the cleavance center is also a bisected perimeter point.

The Nagel point lies on the Nagel line. The orthocenter and Nagel point form a diameter of the Fuhrmann circle.

Distances to some other named triangle centers include


where G is the triangle centroid, I is the incenter, Ge is the Gergonne point, N is the nine-point center, O is the circumcenter, Sp is the Spieker center, and Delta is the triangle area.


The Nagel point Na is also the isotomic conjugate of the Gergonne point Ge.

The complement of the Nagel point is the incenter.

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Nagel Point

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