Second Brocard Point


The second Brocard point is the interior point Omega^' (also denoted tau_2 or Z_2) of a triangle DeltaABC with points labeled in counterclockwise order for which the angles ∠Omega^'AC, ∠Omega^'CB, and ∠Omega^'BA are equal, with the unique such angle denoted omega^'. omega^' is equal to the Brocard angle omega.

Omega^' fails to be a triangle center because it is bicentric with the first Brocard point Omega, but it has trilinear coordinates


(Kimberling 1998, p. 47).

Note that extreme care is needed when consulting the literature, since reversing the order in which the points of the triangle are labeled results in exchanging the Brocard points.

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Second Brocard Point

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