Assembly Number

Vince and Bóna (2012) define an assembly tree T for a connected simple graph G on n nodes as a binary rooted tree with n leavesTree Leaf and n-1 internal nodes and satisfying a number of additional properties. An assembly tree T for G describes a process motivated by considering the self-assembly of macromolecules performed by virus capsids in the host cell (Kainen 2023).

The assembly number a(G) of a graph G gives the number of assembly trees from which G can be built. These numbers therefore count ways to build up a graph from subgraphs induced by various subsets of the vertices (Kainen 2023).

The assembly numbers for a number of parametrized graph are summarized in the table below (cf. Vince and Bóna 2012), where C_n is a Catalan number and n!! is a double factorial.

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