Tutte's Graph


Tutte's (46-vertex) graph is a cubic nonhamiltonian graph contructed by Tutte (1946) as a counterexample to Tait's Hamiltonian graph conjecture by using three copies ofTutte's fragment (Grünbaum 2003, pp. 359-360, Fig. 17.1.4).

A simpler counterexample to the Tutte conjecture was later given by Kozyrev and Grinberg (Sachs 1968, Berge 1973), and smaller counterexamples include the Barnette-Bosák-Lederberg graph, Faulkner-Younger graphs, Grinberg graphs, and Grünbaum graphs.

Tutte's graph is implemented in the Wolfram Language as GraphData["TutteGraph"].


The plots above show the adjacency, incidence, and graph distance matrices for Tutte's graph.

The Tutte 8-cage is sometimes also called the Tutte graph (Royle).

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