Grinberg Graphs


Grinberg constructed a number of small cubic polyhedral graph that are counterexamples to Tait's Hamiltonian graph conjecture (i.e., that every 3-connected cubic graph is Hamiltonian). These nonhamiltonian graphs are all associated with Grinberg's name, with the 44-vertex example being referred to as "Grinberg's graph" (Read and Wilson 1998, p. 274) and the 46-vertex example as "the Grinberg graph" (Bondy and Murty 1976, p. 162; Thomassen 1981). The 44-vertex graph is the smallest 3-valent, planar, 3-connected, cyclically 5-connected nonhamiltonian graph (Grünbaum 1974).

As can be seen from the above figure, the 42-vertex graph can be derived from the 44-vertex graph simply by deletion of the single edge in the top middle part of the graph (Faulkner and Younger 1974). According to Zamfirescu (1976), the 44-vertex graph was discovered independently by Grinberg (1968) and Tutte (Grünbaum 1970, Faulkner and Younger 1974).


Additional embeddings for the 42- and 44-vertex Grinberg graphs are illustrated above.

Smaller 3-connected cubic nonhamiltonian graphs on 38 (the Barnette-Bosák-Lederberg graph) were subsequently found. The Faulkner-Younger graphs are another pair of 3-connected cubic nonhamiltonian graphs on 42 and 44 vertices which, like the Grinberg graphs, are related to one another by deletion of a single edge.

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Grinberg Graphs

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