Tait's Hamiltonian Graph Conjecture

Tait's Hamiltonian graph conjecture asserted that every cubic polyhedral graph is Hamiltonian. It was proposed by Tait in 1880 and refuted by Tutte (1946) with a counterexample on 46 vertices (Lederberg 1965) now known as Tutte's graph. Had the conjecture been true, it would have implied the four-color theorem.


The following table summarizes some named counterexamples, illustrated above. The smallest example with 38 vertices (the Barnette-Bośak-Lederberg graph; e.g., Lederberg 1965), was proved minimal by Holton and McKay (Holton and McKay 1988, van Cleemput and Zamfirescu 2018), and was apparently also discovered by D. Barnette and J. Bosák around the same time.

38Barnette-Bośak-Lederberg graphLederberg (1965), Thomassen (1981), Grünbaum (2003, Fig. 17.1.5)
42Faulkner-Younger graph 42Faulkner and Younger (1974)
42Grinberg graph 42Faulkner and Younger (1974)
44Faulkner-Younger graph 44Faulkner and Younger (1974)
44Grinberg graph 44Sachs (1968), Berge (1973), Read and Wilson (1998, p. 274)
46Grinberg graph 46Bondy and Murty (1976, p. 162)
46Tutte's graphTutte (1972), Bondy and Murty (1976, p. 161)
94Thomassen graph 94Thomassen (1981)
124124-Grünbaum graph 124Zamfirescu (1976)

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