Faulkner-Younger Graphs


The Faulkner-Younger graphs (Faulkner and Younger 1974) are the cubic polyhedral nonhamiltonian graphs on 42 and 44 vertices illustrated above that are counterexamples to Tait's Hamiltonian graph conjecture. Like the Grinberg graphs on 42 and 44 vertices, one can be constructed from the other simply by the contraction of a single edge.

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Grinberg Graphs, Nonhamiltonian Graph, Tait's Hamiltonian Graph Conjecture

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Faulkner, G. B. and Younger, D. H. "Non-Hamiltonian Cubic Planar Maps." Discr. Math. 7, 67-74, 1974.

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Faulkner-Younger Graphs

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