Cubic Nonhamiltonian Graph


Cubic nonhamiltonian graphs are nonhamiltonian graphs that are also cubic. The numbers of connected cubic nonhamiltonian graphs on n=10, 12, ... nodes are 2, 5, 35, 219, 1666, ... (OEIS A164919). The figure above shows some nonhamiltonian connected cubic graphs that are not snarks (which are excluded since snarks are necessarily both nonplanar and nonhamiltonian).


Cubic nonhamiltonian graphs are of special interest because of Tait's Hamiltonian graph conjecture. The cubic polyhedral nonhamiltonian graphs illustrated above all provide counterexamples to this conjecture. The smallest possible cubic polyhedral nonhamiltonian graph occurs on 38 nodes (the Barnette-Bosák-Lederberg graph), and there exists a cubic polyhedral nonhamiltonian graph on n nodes for every even n>=38 (Holton and McKay 1988, van Cleemput and Zamfirescu 2018).

The Horton graphs and Ellingham-Horton graphs are examples of 3-connected bicubic graphs that provide counterexamples to the Tutte conjecture.

Hunter (1962) conjectured that all cyclically 5-connected polyhedral graphs contain a Hamiltonian cycle (Grünbaum 2003, p. 365), but a 162-vertex graph due Walther (1965) provided a counterexample (Grünbaum (2003, pp. 365-366).

The smallest possible size of an untraceable cubic polyhedral graph has between 54 (Knorr 2010) and 88 (Zamfierescu 1980), and it is know that there exists such a graph for every even n>=88 (van Cleemput and Zamfirescu 2018).

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Cubic Nonhamiltonian Graph

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