Second Yff Circles Triangle

The following table gives the centers of the second Yff circles triangle in terms of the centers of the reference triangle for Kimberling centers X_n with n<=100.

X_ncenter of second Yff circles triangleX_ncenter of reference triangle
X_3circumcenterX_(56)external similitude center of circumcircle and incircle
X_4orthocenterX_(1479)(X_1,X_4)-harmonic conjugate of X_(1478)
X_5nine-point centerX_(496)(X_1,X_5)-harmonic conjugate of X_(495)
X_6symmedian pointX_(613)intersection of lines X_1X_6 and X_(56)X_(511)
X_(10)Spieker centerX_(1210)isogonal conjugate of X_(1167)
X_(40)Bevan pointX_(46)X_4-Ceva conjugate of X_1

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