Rigid Polyhedron

A polyhedron is rigid if it cannot be continuously deformed into another configuration. A rigid polyhedron may have two or more stable forms which cannot be continuously deformed into each other without bending or tearing (Wells 1991).

A polyhedron that can change form from one stable configuration to another with only a slight transient nondestructive elastic stretch is called a multistable polyhedron (Goldberg 1978).

A non-rigid polyhedron may be "shaky" (infinitesimally movable) or flexible. An example of a concave flexible polyhedron with 18 triangular faces was given by Connelly (1978), and a flexible polyhedron with only 14 triangular faces was subsequently found by Steffen (Mackenzie 1998).

Jessen's orthogonal icosahedron is an example of a shaky polyhedron.

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Flexible Polyhedron, Jessen's Orthogonal Icosahedron, Jumping Octahedron, Multistable Polyhedron, Pentagonal Dipyramid, Rigid Graph, Shaky Polyhedron

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Rigid Polyhedron

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