Normal Curvature

Let u_(p) be a unit tangent vector of a regular surface M subset R^3. Then the normal curvature of M in the direction u_(p) is


where S is the shape operator. Let M subset R^3 be a regular surface, p in M, x be an injective regular patch of M with p=x(u_0,v_0), and


where v_(p) in M_(p). Then the normal curvature in the direction v_(p) is


where E, F, and G are the coefficients of the first fundamental form and e, f, and g are the coefficients of the second fundamental form.

The maximum and minimum values of the normal curvature at a point on a regular surface are called the principal curvatures kappa_1 and kappa_2.

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Curvature, Fundamental Forms, Gaussian Curvature, Mean Curvature, Principal Curvatures, Shape Operator, Tangent Vector

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Normal Curvature

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