Feuerbach Point


The point F at which the incircle and nine-point circle are tangent. It has triangle center function


and is Kimberling center X_(11).


If F is the Feuerbach point a triangle DeltaABC and X, Y, and Z are the midpoints of the sides BC, CA, and AB, respectively, then one of the distances |FX|, |FY|, and |FZ| is equal to the sum of the two others. For example, in the above figure,


Distances to some other named triangle centers include


where G is the triangle centroid, I is the incenter, K is the symmedian point, O is the circumcenter, N is the nine-point center, Sp is the Spieker center, Delta is the triangle area, and r is the inradius.

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Feuerbach Antipode, Feuerbach's Theorem, Feuerbach Triangle, Incircle, Nine-Point Circle

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Feuerbach Point

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