Long-Range Percolation Model

Intuitively, a d-dimensional discrete percolation model is said to be long-range if direct flow is possible between pairs of graph vertices or graph edges which are "very distant" (Grimmett 1999). This is in contrast to the more-studied cases of bond percolation and site percolation, the standard models for which allow flow only between adjacent edges and vertices, respectively.

To make this intuition more precise, some authors describe long-range percolation to be a model in which any two elements x and y within some metric space (M,d) are connected by an edge e_(xy)={x,y} with some probability p where p is inversely proportional to the distance d(x,y) between them (Coppersmith et al. 2002).

Besides simply extending the classical models of percolation on regular point lattices, the study of long-range percolation allows one to model a number of significant real-world scenarios for which classical discrete models are ill-adapted, e.g.,social networking.

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