Möbius Ladder


A Möbius ladder, sometimes called a Möbius wheel (Jakobson and Rivin 1999), of order n is a simple graph obtained by introducing a twist in a prism graph of order n that is isomorphic to the circulant graph Ci_(2n)(1,n). Möbius ladders are sometimes denoted M_n.

The 4-Möbius ladder is known as the Wagner graph. The (2n-1)-Möbius ladder rung graph is isomorphic to the Haar graph H(2^(2n)+1).

Möbius ladders are Hamiltonian, graceful (Gallian 1987, Gallian 2018), and by construction, singlecross. The Möbius ladders are also nontrivial biplanar graphs.

The numbers of directed Hamiltonian cycles for n=3, 4, ... are 12, 10, 16, 14, 20, 18, 24, ... (OEIS A124356), given by the closed form


The n-Möbius ladder graph has independence polynomial


Recurrence equations for the independence polynomial and matching polynomial are given by


The bipartite double graph of the n-Möbius ladder is the prism graph Y_(2n).

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