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Let three similar isosceles triangles DeltaA^'BC, DeltaAB^'C, and DeltaABC^' be constructed on the sides of a triangle DeltaABC. Then DeltaABC and DeltaA^'B^'C^' are perspective triangles, and the envelope of their perspectrix as the vertex angle of the erected triangles is varied is a parabola known as the Kiepert parabola. It has trilinear conic function


This parabola was first studied by Artzt (1884; Eddy and Fritsch 1994).


The Euler line of a triangle is the conic section directrix of the Kiepert parabola. In fact, the directrices of all parabolas inscribed in a triangle pass through the orthocenter. The Brianchon point for the Kiepert parabola is the Steiner point S of the reference triangle, and the triangle DeltaS_AS_BS_C formed by the points of contact is called the Steiner triangle.

The Kiepert parabola is tangent to the sides of the triangle (or their extensions), the line at infinity, and the Lemoine axis. The focus of the parabola has triangle center function


and is Kimberling center X_(110).

The Kiepert parabola passes through Kimberling centers X_i for i=523 (the isogonal conjugate of the focus of the Kiepert parabola X_(110)), 669 (the crossdifference of X_2 and X_(39), 1649, and 2528 (Weisstein, Oct. 16 and Dec. 13, 2004).

The polar triangle of the Kiepert parabola is the Steiner triangle.


The Kiepert parabola focus and Parry point are the two intersections of a triangle's circumcircle with its Parry circle.


X_(110) is also the Feuerbach point of the tangential triangle of DeltaABC.

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Kiepert Parabola

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