Graph Bandwidth

The bandwidth of a connected graph G is the minimum matrix bandwidth among all possible adjacency matrices of graphs isomorphic to G. Equivalently, it is the minimum graph dilation of a numbering of a graph. Bandwidth is variously denoted bw(G), B(G), or phi(G).

The bandwidth of the singleton graph is not defined, but the conventions bw(K_1)=0 or bw(K_1)=1 (Miller 1988) are sometimes adopted.

The bandwidth of a disconnected graph is the maximum of the bandwidths of its connected components.

The bandwidth bw(G) of a connected graph G satisfies the inequalities


(Chinn et al. 1982), where n=|G| is the vertex count of G and G is the graph diameter and


where chi(G) is the chromatic number.

Computing the bandwidth of a graph is NP-hard.

Bounds for the bandwidth of a graph have been considered by (Harper 1964), and the bandwidth of the k-cube was determined by Harper (Harper 1966, Wang and Wu 2007, Harper 2010).

Special cases are summarized in the following table.

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