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An antiprism graph is a graph corresponding to the skeleton of an antiprism. Antiprism graphs are therefore polyhedral and planar. The n-antiprism graph has 2n vertices and 4n edges, and is isomorphic to the circulant graph Ci_(2n)(1,2). The 3-antiprism graph is also isomorphic to the octahedral graph.

Precomputed properties for antiprism graphs are implemented in the Wolfram Language as GraphData[{"Antiprism", n}].

The numbers of directed Hamiltonian cycles for n=3, 4, ... are 32, 58, 112, 220, 450, 938, 1982, ... (OEIS A124353), whose terms are given by the recurrence relation




(Golin and Leung 2004; M. Alekseyev, pers. comm., Feb. 7, 2008), which has the closed-form solution


where alpha, beta, and gamma are the roots of x^3-x^2-2x-1=0.

The antiprism graphs are pancyclic. n-antiprism graphs are nut graphs when n is not divisible by 3.


The numbers of graph cycles on the n-antiprism graph for n=3, 4, ... are 63, 179, 523, ... (OEIS A077263), illustrated above for n=3.

The n-antiprism graph has chromatic polynomial




The recurrence relations for the chromatic polynomial, independence polynomial, and matching polynomial are


The 6-antiprism graph is cospectral with the quartic vertex-transitive graph Qt19, meaning neither is determined by spectrum.

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Antiprism Graph

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