Exact Trilinear Coordinates

The trilinear coordinates alpha:beta:gamma of a point P relative to a reference triangle are proportional to the directed distances a^':b^':c^' from P to the side lines of the triangle, but are undetermined up to a constant of proportionality k, i.e.,


The constant k is given by


where Delta=rs is the triangle area of DeltaABC, r is the inradius, s is the semiperimeter, and a, b, and c are the lengths of its sides.

The directed distances a^', b^', c^' themselves are called "exact" (or "actual") trilinear coordinates, and denoted (a^',b^',c^'). Therefore, if the trilinears alpha:beta:gamma are given for a point P, then its exact trilinears (a^',b^',c^') can be calculated according to


(Sommerville 1961, p. 157; Eddy and Fritsch 1994; Kimberling 1998, p. 28). Note that points on the line at infinity do not have exact trilinear coordinates.

Exact trilinears for a number of triangle centers are summarized in the table below, where R is the circumradius and r is the inradius.

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Exact Trilinear Coordinates

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