Disk Triangle Picking

Disk triangle picking

Pick three points P=(x_1,y_1), Q=(x_2,y_2), and R=(x_3,y_3) distributed independently and uniformly in a unit disk K (i.e., in the interior of the unit circle). Then the average area of the triangle determined by these points is

 A^_=(intint_(P in K)intint_(Q in K)intint_(R in K)1/2|x_1 y_1 1; x_2 y_2 1; x_3 y_3 1|dy_3dy_2dy_1dx_3dx_2dx_1)/(intint_(P in K)intint_(Q in K)intint_(R in K)dy_3dy_2dy_1dx_3dx_2dx_1).

Using disk point picking, this can be written as




A trigonometric substitution can then be used to remove the trigonometric functions and split the integral into




However, the easiest way to evaluate the integral is using Crofton's formula and polar coordinates to yield a mean triangle area


for unit-radius disks (OEIS A189511), or


for unit-area disks (OEIS A093587; Woolhouse 1867; Solomon 1978; Pfiefer 1989; Zinani 2003). This problem is very closely related to Sylvester's four-point problem, and can be derived as the limit as n->infty of the general polygon triangle picking problem.


The distribution of areas, illustrated above, is apparently not known exactly.

The probability P_2 that three random points in a disk form an acute triangle is


(OEIS A093588; Woolhouse 1886). The problem was generalized by Hall (1982) to n-dimensional ball triangle picking, and Buchta (1986) gave closed form evaluations for Hall's integrals.

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Disk Triangle Picking

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