Gaussian Triangle Picking

Finch (2010) gives an overview of known results for random Gaussian triangles.

Let the vertices of a triangle in n dimensions be normal (normal) variates. The probability that a Gaussian triangle in n dimensions is obtuse is


where Gamma(n) is the gamma function, _2F_1(a,b;c;x) is the hypergeometric function, and B(z;a,b) is an incomplete beta function.

For even n=2k,

 P_(2k)=3sum_(j=k)^(2k-1)(2k-1; j)(1/4)^j(3/4)^(2k-1-j)

(Eisenberg and Sullivan 1996).

The first few cases are explicitly


(OEIS A102519 and A102520). The even cases are therefore 3/4, 15/32, 159/512, 867/4096, ... (OEIS A102556 and A102557) and the odd cases are 1-rsqrt(3)/pi, where r=3/4, 9/8, 27/20, 837/560, ... (OEIS A102558 and A102559).

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Gaussian Triangle Picking

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