Cyclic Group C_2

The group C_2 is the unique group of group order 2. C_2 is both Abelian and cyclic. Examples include the point groups C_s, C_i, and C_2, the integers modulo 2 under addition (Z_2), and the modulo multiplication groups M_3, M_4, and M_6 (which are the only modulo multiplication groups isomorphic to C_2).

The group C_2 is also trivially simple, and forms the subject for the humorous a capella song "Finite Simple Group (of Order 2)" by the Northwestern University mathematics department a capella group "The Klein Four."


The cycle graph is shown above, and the cycle index is


The elements A_i satisfy A_i^2=1, where 1 is the identity element.


Its multiplication table is illustrated above and enumerated below.


The conjugacy classes are {1} and {A}. The only subgroups of C_2 are the trivial group {1} and entire group {1,A}, both of which are trivially normal.

The irreducible representation for the C_2 group is {1,-1}.

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