Archimedean Dual Stellations

The Archimedean duals in general have many stellations.

The following table extracted from Webb gives a partial enumeration. In the table, E denotes counts of enantiomorphous stellations and C counts of chiral stellations.

deltoidal hexecontahedron8314364464917139837523
deltoidal icositetrahedron1913868154060051253807834920
disdyakis dodecahedron7421814728897413
disdyakis triacontahedron3421691
pentagonal hexecontahedron053600
pentagonal icositetrahedron0690726210
pentakis dodecahedron931602068741571092259253
rhombic dodecahedron404050
rhombic triacontahedron20911511284959358748139
small triakis octahedron191356525183645883218040610448
tetrakis hexahedron181337213903642866143379725070
triakis icosahedron89152880998913893522674
triakis tetrahedron7217452136

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Webb, R. "Enumeration of Stellations."

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Archimedean Dual Stellations

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