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The pentakis dodecahedron is the 60-faced dual polyhedron of the truncated icosahedron (Holden 1971, p. 55). It can be constructed by augmentation of a unit edge-length dodecahedron by a pyramid with height 1/(19)sqrt(1/5(65+22sqrt(5))). It is illustrated above together with a wireframe version and a net that can be used for its construction.

It is Wenninger dual W_9.

Solids inscriptable in a pentakis dodecahedron

A tetrahedron 10-compound, cube 5-compound, icosahedron, and dodecahedron can be inscribed in the vertices of the pentakis dodecahedron (E. Weisstein, Dec. 25-27, 2009).


The pentakis dodecahedron is he convex hull of the small triambic icosahedron hull.

Taking the dual of a truncated icosahedron with unit edge lengths gives a pentakis dodecahedron with edge lengths


Normalizing so that s_1=1, the surface area and volume are


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