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Koh et al. (1980) and Gallian (2007) define a web graph as a stacked prism graph Y_(n+1,3) with the edges of the outer cycle removed.

Web graphs are graceful.

Precomputed properties of web graphs are available in the Wolfram Language as GraphData[{"Web", n}].

The term "web graph" is also used (e.g., Horvat and Pisanski 2010) to refer to the stacked prism graph Y_(m,n)=C_m square P_n itself, where C_m is a cycle graph, P_n is a path graph, and  square denotes a graph Cartesian product.

The bipartite double graph of the web graph W_n for n odd is W_(2n).

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Crossed Prism Graph, Cycle Graph, Helm Graph, Ladder Graph, Möbius Ladder, Stacked Prism Graph, Wheel Graph

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Web Graph

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