Twisted Chevalley Groups

A finite simple group of Lie-type. The following table summarizes the types of twisted Chevalley groups and their respective orders. In the table, q denotes a prime power and the superscript denotes the order of the twisting automorphism.

^2F_4(2^(2n+1)) (n>0)(2^(2n+1))^(12)(2^(2n+1)-1)((2^(2n+1))^3+1)((2^(2n+1))^4-1)((2^(2n+1))^6+1)
^2G_2(3^(2n+1)) (n>0)(3^(2n+1))^3(3^(2n+1)-1)((3^(2n+1))^3+1)
^2B_2(2^(2n+1)) (n>0)(2^(2n+1))^2(2^(2n+1)-1)((2^(2n+1))^2+1)

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Twisted Chevalley Groups

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