Tree Searching

In database structures, two quantities are generally of interest: the average number of comparisons required to

1. Find an existing random record, and

2. Insert a new random record into a data structure.

Some constants which arise in the theory of digital tree searching are


(OEIS A065442 and A065443), where psi_q(z) is a q-polygamma function. Erdős (1948) proved that alpha is irrational, and alpha is sometimes known as the Erdős-Borwein constant.

The expected number of comparisons for a successful search is


and for an unsuccessful search is


(OEIS A086309 and A086310). Here gamma is the Euler-Mascheroni constant, delta(n), epsilon(s), and rho(n) are small-amplitude periodic functions, and lg is the base 2 logarithm.

The variance for searching is


(OEIS A086311) and for inserting is


(OEIS A086312).

The expected number of pairs of twin vacancies in a digital search tree is




(OEIS A086313), which can also be written


(Flajolet and Richmond 1992). Here, the individual pieces are given by


(OEIS A048651), where theta_1(q) is a Jacobi theta function, and


(OEIS A086315; Flajolet and Sedgewick 1986, Finch 2003, with a typo in the exponent appearing in the original paper corrected).

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Tree Searching

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