Square Line Picking

Square line picking is the selection of pairs of points (corresponding to endpoints of a line segment) randomly placed inside a square. n random line segments can be picked in a unit square in the Wolfram Language using the function RandomPoint[Rectangle[], {n, 2}].

Picking two points at random from the interior of a unit square, the average distance between them is the n=2 case of hypercube line picking, i.e.,


(OEIS A091505).


The exact probability function is given by

 P(l)={2l(l^2-4l+pi)   for 0<=l<=1; 2l[4sqrt(l^2-1)-(l^2+2-pi)-4tan^(-1)(sqrt(l^2-1))]   for 1<=l<=sqrt(2)

(M. Trott, pers. comm., Mar. 11, 2004), and the corresponding distribution function by

 D(l)={1/2l^4-8/3l^3+pil^2   for 0<=l<=1; -1/2l^4-4l^2tan^(-1)(sqrt(l^2-1))+4/3(2l^2+1)sqrt(l^2-1)+(pi-2)l^2+1/3   for 1<=l<=sqrt(2).

From this, the mean distance l^_=Delta(2) can be computed, as can the variance of lengths,


The statistical median is given by the root of the quartic equation


which is approximately l^~=0.512003....

The nth raw moment is given for n=2, 4, 6, ... as 1/3, 17/90, 29/210, 187/1575, 239/207, ... (OEIS A103304 and A103305).

If, instead of picking two points from the interior of a square, two points are chosen at random on different sides of the unit square, the average distance between two points picked in this manner is


(OEIS A091506; Borwein and Bailey 2003, p. 25; Borwein et al. 2004, p. 66).

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Square Line Picking

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