Rigby Points


Let the inner and outer Soddy triangles of a reference triangle DeltaABC be denoted DeltaPQR and DeltaP^'Q^'R^', respectively. Similarly, let the tangential triangles of DeltaPQR and DeltaP^'Q^'R^' be denoted DeltaXYZ and DeltaX^'Y^'Z^', respectively. Then the inner (respectively, outer) Rigby point Ri (respectively, Ri^') is the perspector of DeltaPQR and DeltaXYZ (respectively, DeltaP^'Q^'R^' and DeltaX^'Y^'Z^') (Oldknow 1996). The Rigby points lie on the Soddy line. They have triangle center functions


which are Kimberling centers X_(1371) and X_(1372), respectively.


Honsberger (1995) defines a different point which he calls the "Rigby point" X. Let QR be an arbitrary chord of the circumcircle of a given triangle DeltaABC, and let P be the Simson line pole of the Simson line S_P with respect to DeltaABC which is perpendicular to QR. Then it also turns out that S_Q_|_PR and S_R_|_PQ. In addition, S_A_|_BC, S_B_|_AC, and S_C_|_AB with respect to DeltaPQR.


As a result of these remarkable facts, it can be shown that the Simson lines S_P, S_Q, and S_R with respect to DeltaABC meet in the Rigby point X. Moreover, the Simson lines S_A, S_B, and S_C with respect to DeltaPQR also meet in X, and X is the orthopole of AB, BC, and AC with respect to DeltaPQR, and of PQ, QR, and PR with respect to DeltaABC. Finally, X is the midpoint of the orthocenters of DeltaABC and DeltaPQR (Honsberger 1996, p. 136).

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Rigby Points

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