Griffiths Points

"The" Griffiths point Gr is the fixed point in Griffiths' theorem. Given four points on a circle and a line through the center of the circle, the four corresponding Griffiths points are collinear (Tabov 1995).


Let the inner and outer Soddy triangles of a reference triangle DeltaABC be denoted DeltaPQR and DeltaP^'Q^'R^', respectively. Similarly, let the tangential triangles of DeltaPQR and DeltaP^'Q^'R^' be denoted DeltaXYZ and DeltaX^'Y^'Z^', respectively. Then the inner (respectively, outer) Griffiths point Gr (respectively, Gr^') is the perspector of DeltaPQR and DeltaX^'Y^'Z^' (respectively, DeltaP^'Q^'R^' and DeltaXYZ) (Oldknow 1996). The Griffiths points lie on the Soddy line. They have triangle center functions


which are Kimberling centers X_(1373) and X_(1374), respectively.

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Griffiths Points

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