Riemann-Siegel Functions

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For a real positive t, the Riemann-Siegel Z function is defined by


This function is sometimes also called the Hardy function or Hardy Z-function (Karatsuba and Voronin 1992, Borwein et al. 1999). The top plot superposes Z(t) (thick line) on |zeta(1/2+it)|, where zeta(z) is the Riemann zeta function.

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For real t, the Riemann-Siegel theta function theta(t) is defined as


The function theta(t) has local extrema at (t,theta(t))=(∓6.289835...,+/-3.5309728...) (OEIS A114865 and A114866).

Values g_n such that


for n=0, 1, ... are known as Gram points (Edwards 2001, pp. 125-126).

The series expansion of theta(t) about 0 is given by


(OEIS A067626), and about infty by


(OEIS A036282 and A114721; Edwards 2001, p. 120).

These functions are implemented in the Wolfram Language as RiemannSiegelZ[z] and RiemannSiegelTheta[z].

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Riemann-Siegel Functions

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