Ramanujan Constant

The irrational constant


(OEIS A060295), which is very close to an integer. Numbers such as the Ramanujan constant can be found using the theory of modular functions. In fact, the nine Heegner numbers (which include 163) share a deep number theoretic property related to some amazing properties of the j-function that leads to this sort of near-identity.

Although Ramanujan (1913-1914) gave few rather spectacular examples of almost integers (such e^(pisqrt(58))), he did not actually mention the particular near-identity given above. In fact, Hermite (1859) observed this property of 163 long before Ramanujan's work. The name "Ramanujan's constant" was coined by Simon Plouffe and derives from an April Fool's joke played by Martin Gardner (Apr. 1975) on the readers of Scientific American. In his column, Gardner claimed that e^(pisqrt(163)) was exactly an integer, and that Ramanujan had conjectured this in his 1914 paper. Gardner admitted his hoax a few months later (Gardner, July 1975).

The Ramanujan constant can be approximated to 14 digits by

R approx (x^3-6x^2+4x-2)_1^(24)-24

(OEIS A102912; Piezas), where (P(x))_n is a polynomial root.

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Almost Integer, Class Number, Heegner Number, j-Function, Soldner's Constant

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Ramanujan Constant

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