Negative Pedal Curve

Given a curve C and O=(x_0,y_0) a fixed point called the pedal point, then for a point P on C, draw a line perpendicular to OP. The envelope of these lines as P describes the curve C is the negative pedal of C. It can be constructed by considering the perpendicular line segment ((x_1,y_1),(x_2,y_2)) for a curve C parameterized by (f,g). Since one end of the perpendicular corresponds to the point P, (x_1,y_1)=(f,g). Another end point can be found by taking the perpendicular to the OP line, giving




Plugging into the two-point form of a line then gives




Solving the simultaneous equations U(x,y,t)=0 and partialU/partialt=0 then gives the equations of the negative pedal curve as


If a curve P is the pedal curve of a curve C, then C is the negative pedal curve of P (Lawrence 1972, pp. 47-48).

The following table summarizes the negative pedal curves for some common curves.

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Negative Pedal Curve

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