Kauffman Polynomial X

The Kauffman X-polynomial, also called the normalized bracket polynomial, is a 1-variable knot polynomial denoted X (Adams 1994, p. 153), L (Kauffman 1991, p. 33), or F (Livingston 1993, p. 219), and defined for a link L by


where <L> is the bracket polynomial and w(L) is the writhe of L (Kauffman 1991, p. 33; Adams 1994, p. 153). It is implemented in the Wolfram Language as KnotData[knot, "BracketPolynomial"].

This polynomial is invariant under ambient isotopy, and relates mirror images by


It is identical to the Jones polynomial V(t) with the change of variable


and related to the two-variable Kauffman polynomial F by


The Kaufman X-polynomial of the trefoil knot is therefore


(Kaufmann 1991, p. 35). The following table summarizes the polynomials for named knots.

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Bracket Polynomial, Kauffman Polynomial F, Jones Polynomial, Knot Invariant, Knot Polynomial

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Kauffman Polynomial X

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