Solomon's Seal Knot


Solomon's seal knot is the prime (5,2)-torus knot 5_1 with braid word sigma_1^5. It is also known as the cinquefoil knot (a name derived from certain herbs and shrubs of the rose family which have five-lobed leaves and five-petaled flowers) or the double overhand knot. It has Arf invariant 1 and is not amphichiral, although it is invertible.

The knot group of Solomon's seal knot is


(Livingston 1993, p. 127).

The Alexander polynomial Delta(x), BLM/Ho polynomial Q(x), Conway polynomial del (x), HOMFLY polynomial P(l,m), Jones polynomial V(t), and Kauffman polynomial F F(a,z) of the Solomon's seal knot are

del (x)=x^4+3x^2+1

Surprisingly, the knot 10-132 shares the same Alexander polynomial and Jones polynomial with the Solomon's seal knot. However, no knots on 10 or fewer crossings share the same BLM/Ho polynomial with it.

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