Hex Number


A hex number, also called a centered hexagonal number, is given by


where T_n=n(n+1)/2 is the nth triangular number and the indexing with H_0=1 is used following Conway and Guy (1996). The first few hex numbers for n=0, 1, ... are 1, 7, 19, 37, 61, 91, 127, 169, ... (OEIS A003215).

The hex numbers satisfy the recurrence equation


The generating function of the hex numbers is


The hex numbers are related to the cubic numbers by


This follows immediately from the fact that H_n=(n+1)^3-n^3, giving a telescoping sum.

The first triangular hex numbers are 1, 91, 8911, 873181, 85562821, ... (OEIS A006244). These correspond to indices (m,n) of triangular and hex numbers (T_m,H_n) of m=0, 5, 54, 539, 5340, 52865, 523314, 5180279, 51279480, ... (OEIS A087125) and n=1, 13, 133, 1321, 13081, 129493, 1281853, ... (OEIS A031138). These are given by solving the Diophantine equation


The first few square hex numbers are 1, 169, 32761, 6355441, ... (OEIS A006051). These correspond to indices (m,n) of triangular and hex numbers (S_m,H_n) of m=0, 7, 104, 1455, 20272, 282359, 3932760, ... (OEIS A001921) and n=1, 13, 181, 2521, 35113, 489061, 6811741, ... (OEIS A001570). These are given by solving the Diophantine equation


The only hex number that is both square and triangular is 1.

There are no cubic hex numbers.

The prime hex numbers are sometimes known as Cuban primes.

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Hex Number

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