Hall Graph

The Hall graph is a distance-transitive and distance-regular graph on 65 vertices having intersection array {10,6,4,1;1,2,5} (Hall 1980). It is denoted Gamma^((3)) by Hall (1980) and was originally considered by Doro.

It is an integral graph with graph spectrum (-3)^(25)0^(26)5^(13)10^1.

It is one of the three locally Petersen graphs (Hall 1980), and is denoted L_2(25).25 by Brouwer et al. (1989, p. 224).

The Hall graph is implemented in the Wolfram Language as GraphData["HallGraph"].

Koolen et al. use the term "Doro graph" to refer to the Hall graph, though that term also refers to a different distance-regular graph graph with intersection array {12,10,3;1,3,8}.

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Conway-Smith Graph, Distance-Transitive Graph, Doro Graph, Locally Petersen Graph

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Hall Graph

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