Conway-Smith Graph

The Conway-Smith graph is a distance-transitive graph on 63 vertices having intersection array {10,6,4,1;1,2,6,10} (Hall 1980). It is also distance-transitive. It is denoted Gamma^((2)) by Hall (1980), and 3 sym(7) by Brouwer et al. (1989, p. 224). It is weakly regular with parameters (n,k,lambda,mu)=(63,(10),(3),(0,2).

It is an integral graph with graph spectrum (-4)^6(-2)^(30)1^(14)5^(12)10^1. It is a weakly regular graph with parameters (63,(10),(3),(0,2)).

It is one of the three locally Petersen graphs (Hall 1980).

It it implemented in the Wolfram Language as GraphData["ConwaySmithGraph"].

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Distance-Transitive Graph, Hall Graph, Locally Petersen Graph

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