Intersection Array

Given a distance-regular graph G with integers b_i,c_i,i=0,...,d such that for any two vertices x,y in G at distance i=d(x,y), there are exactly c_i neighbors of y in G_(i-1)(x) and b_i neighbors of y in G_(i+1)(x), the sequence


is called the intersection array of G.

A similar type of intersection array can also be defined for a distance-transitive graph.

A distance-regular graph with global parameters [[c_0,a_0,b_0],[c_1,a_1,b_1],[c_2,a_2,b_2],[c_3,a_3,b_3],[c_4,a_4,b_4]] has intersection array {b_0,b_1,b_2,b_3;c_1,c_2,c_3,c_4}.

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Distance-Regular Graph, Distance-Transitive Graph, Global Parameters

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Intersection Array

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