Hadamard Product


The Hadamard product is a representation for the Riemann zeta function zeta(s) as a product over its nontrivial zeros rho,


where gamma is the Euler-Mascheroni constant and Gamma(z) is the Gamma function (Titchmarsh 1987, Voros 1987). The constant in the exponent is given by


(OEIS A077142). Hadamard used the Weierstrass product theorem to derive this result. The plot above shows the convergence of the formula along the real axis using the first 100 (red), 500 (yellow), 1000 (green), and 2000 (blue) Riemann zeta function zeros.

The product can also be stated in the alternate form


where xi(s) is the xi-function and


(Havil 2003, p. 204).

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Riemann Zeta Function, Riemann Zeta Function Zeros, Weierstrass Product Theorem

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Hadamard Product

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