Detour Matrix

The detour matrix Delta, sometimes also called the maximum path matrix or maximal topological distances matrix, of a graph is a symmetric matrix whose (i,j)th entry is the length of the longest path from vertex i to vertex j, or infty if there is no such path (Harary 1994, p. 203). The most common convention (and that adopted here) is to take (Delta)_(ii)=0.

There is no efficient method for finding the entries of a detour matrix (Harary 1994, p. 203), but the detour matrix can be computed by finding the set of all spanning trees for a given graph, finding their distance matrices, and setting (Delta)_(ij)=max_(i,j)d_(ij), where the maximum is taken over all spanning trees.

For a graph with vertex count n, a detour matrix element of (Delta)_(ij)=n-1 corresponds to a Hamiltonian path between vertices i and j. A graph having a detour matrix whose off-diagonal elements are all equal to n-1 is therefore Hamilton-connected. Similarly, a bipartite graph whose elements (Delta)_(i,j) are maximal for all i and j corresponding to different elements of the vertex bipartition is Hamilton-laceable.

Precomputed detour matrices for many named graphs are available in the Wolfram Language as GraphData[graph, "DetourMatrix"].

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Detour Matrix

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