Covariant Derivative

The covariant derivative of a contravariant tensor A^a (also called the "semicolon derivative" since its symbol is a semicolon) is given by


(Weinberg 1972, p. 103), where Gamma_(ij)^k is a Christoffel symbol, Einstein summation has been used in the last term, and A_(,k)^k is a comma derivative. The notation del ·A, which is a generalization of the symbol commonly used to denote the divergence of a vector function in three dimensions, is sometimes also used.

The covariant derivative of a covariant tensor A_a is


(Weinberg 1972, p. 104).

Schmutzer (1968, p. 72) uses the older notation A^j_(∥k) or A_(j∥k).

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Christoffel Symbol, Comma Derivative, Covariant Tensor, Divergence, Levi-Civita Connection

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Covariant Derivative

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