Ballot Problem

Suppose A and B are candidates for office and there are 2n voters, n voting for A and n for B. In how many ways can the ballots be counted so that B is never ahead of A? The solution is a Catalan number C_n.

A related problem also called "the" ballot problem is to let A receive a votes and B b votes with a>=b. This version of the ballot problem then asks for the probability that A stays ahead of B as the votes are counted (Vardi 1991). The solution is (a-b+1)/(a+1), as first shown by M. Bertrand (Hilton and Pedersen 1991). Another elegant solution was provided by André (1887) using the so-called André's reflection method.

The problem can also be generalized (Hilton and Pedersen 1991). Furthermore, the TAK function is connected with the ballot problem (Vardi 1991).

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André's Reflection Method, Catalan Number, Staircase Walk, TAK Function

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Ballot Problem

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